Is Coaching For You?

Life is wonderful, surprising, inspiring and full of love and wonder. Life is also messy, confusing and even painful. Nobody can change that for you. However, it is how you deal with what happens to you that enables happiness.

Life coaching supports you in seeing, being and doing things different. Sometimes change comes in tiny steps, while at other times you will be running forward. Every step, even a small one, can have a tremendous impact on how you experience your life.

Life coaching supports you in finding your OWN way. This is true for your life’s path, as well as for the process of coaching. There are no shortcuts, tricks, nor one-size-fits-all answers to this. You have to find out what works for YOU. What I do is listen to you, ask you questions that help you come up with useful answers and cheer you on in the process of self discovery and getting ‘un-stuck’.

Life coaching celebrates what you already have accomplished in your life and supports you in expanding this. Since your current life is usually the result of years of living, the process of doing things different will take some time as well.


Let me give you some examples of areas my clients look into during our sessions.



Do you feel you come across different than you are? Do you want to build meaningful relationships? Do you want to find the right balance between you and the other person in a relationship.

Personal Development

Do you want to be more in connection with yourself? Are you trying very hard, but life does not go as a want? Do you want to find your priorities in life and live according to them?


Are you reintegrating after a burn-out? Do you want to change careers? Do you feel unseens and unrecognised for your contribution? Do you want to advance your career without working more hours?

Life Balance

Do you want to better combine family, work and time for yourself? Do you want to prepare for a sabbatical/working less without your career suffering. Do you feel exhausted, and are there not enough hours in a day?

Being Single

Trying to get over a break up? Is finding a partner becoming a burden? Want to find ways to adjust to living alone? Dealing with not having the family you thought you would have (yet)? How to date without loosing your self?

When exploring these areas, I will call on your full potential. What I envision for you is to fall in love with your life (again) and view yourself with more kindness. This combination of passion for life and compassion for yourself will lead to a happier, more balanced life in which you can blossom…… or fly, whatever is your style.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly,
you cease to be able to do it.
J.M.Barrie, Peter Pan