Know Me Better

Hello, I am Fenneke Pak.

Professionally trained co-active life and leadership coach, adventurous explorer and lover of life.

I have been coaching my whole life. First friends and family, who came to me because I always came up with strange and refreshing ideas. Colleagues followed to get support on how to communicate clearly, see the good in people and deal with difficult (organizational) relationships. Later employees from my own team would look to me for career development and re-integration. And now I serve my clients through the Compassion Company.

I am an engineer by training and I bring 15 years of experience working as a manager in the humanitarian sector. Over the years I learned to acces the wisdom that is stored in my body and heart. This allows me to serve my clients with a rational, no-nonsence approach combined with strong intuition, compassion, positivity and heart. I invite you to engage your whole self and blossom!

Relationships in general make me happy. I am passionate about traveling, diving, reading books, off-piste skiing and yoga. I dance wherever and whenever I can. And I laugh as much as possible.

I am not strange, weird, off, nor crazy.

my reality is just different than yours.

Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?



I am passionate about my clients and see them as the wonderful human beings they are. I will gladly remind you when you sometimes forget how amazing you are! When needed I will combine this with some ‘tough’ love by telling you the hard truth, and calling you out when you are fooling yourself. I will always walk with your on your journey with an open heart and compassion.


Fun & Creativity

The most wonderful thing about coaching is that each client experiences life in their own unique way. Each client sings their own song and dances to their own music. And the music changes every session. To keep moving forward, I will bring my childlike curiosity, optimism and fun loving energy, and invite that side of you to come out and play. This will make each sessions enjoyable, exciting, different and most importantly…effective.

Logic & Intuition

Your heart, body and mind do not always speak the same language.
In our sessions, I will combine my strong intuition with my common sense and no-nonsense attitude to hear and see the ‘noise’ and cut through it. I pay attention to your words, body language, tone of voice, etc. so you can see, access and align all of yourself and find inner peace.

Integral Approach

You are a complex and versatile human being. At work, in relationships, on holiday etc. you are able to bring forward different aspects of yourself. Whatever your coaching topic, I will include your core self, to give you access to your inner power and wisdom. This allows you to make changes that last… in all aspects of your life.


The location and the duration per session are flexible. In addition, I have time slots available between 8.00 and 21.00 each week.

Most of my clients prefer online coaching or over the telephone. This allows you to be coached wherever you prefer. Cut out the travel time and the stress to get to where we are meeting, relax, and settle in at a comfortable place. Whether you prefer to meet in real life, have short or long sessions, online, or a combination of all……The choice is entirely up to you.