This is an absolutely beautiful fragrance, one which I fell in love with upon first sniff. vanilla harsh chemical synthetic smell like a cleaner maybe some rotten leather and CINNAMON and hated it when I wore it in the winter though it seems like a winter fragrance; was about to sell it and decided to try it one last time before selling in the summer and loved it as it blooms as a leather scent, The opening is kinda headache inducing for me yet I keep putting my nose it? This is one of my two favourites in Serge Lutens while another being La Fille de Berlin. It smells about as close as I could hope to the smell of summer in the country. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States, Zellige Limited Edition: Fleurs d'Oranger, Zellige Limited Edition: La Fille de Berlin, Jeaux de Peau Édition Gravée Couronne d’épines. Masculine leaning unisex perfect for evenings or a crisp day. Lovely! This one is back up bottle and signature worthy. Cheers! (How do you do that unnoticed?). My father is originally from Kentucky. This is completely not what I expected. He moved to Paris in the 1960s to work as a makeup artist for Vogue magazine. Some we bought bottles, some we rejected and some we forgot about. Stunning! I agree. Sprayed one on one wrist, the other on other wrist. I asked the saleswoman in the store where it was and her eyes twinkled a bit and she grabbed it from the back, almost empty and told me they were out of stock. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | A smell that takes you along a very warm and cozy trail. This is the best fragrance I've ever smelled in the entire store. I love it from the first red and orange leaves all the way to the last snowfall, and with its spot-on longevity and sillage my little decant has lasted a year or two of regular cold-weather wear; you'll never need to re-apply. After drydown I think it ends up almost like a sweet, soft, hippy type of scent- like a clean, lovely, flannel shirted, long haired mountain man who might be managing the fireplace on an early fall day and the smoke lingers on him. I wonder what is so wrong with my nose. The sweetness comes from honey and amber, but it is by no means overpowering. This smell like a pair of expensive freshly polished leather shoes. The "morning after" Chergui--a lingering breath of coumarin and spice--is my favorite part of the scent and all versions of it from oldest to newest have provided that sensation. But when it dries down, I mainly get a strong piercing spicy note. This is such an intriguing fragrance. Borneo 1834 2005. Spicy amber with Smokey incense and woods. This was jarring to my nose at first, like the rest for this house, Nothing smells like Chergui ... nothing! Very close, but not quite. Love the sweet tobacco in this perfume , absolute gem, will definitely be adding to my collection, projection and silliage great, 10 out of 10 chergui. It just has a great deal of body. Féminité du Bois 1992. I barely get any tobacco, honey or iris after the glorious opening. Lasted all day on skin. @smellsbells yes, they both smell a bit old lady in the classic sense. I have the latest version (2019 production date) on this fragrance and here is my initial analysis. To me, it´s a honeybomb! If you’re searching for tobacco you won’t find it. The baby powder and honey notes in this are taking centre stage on me, which is lovely, but I want spicey, you can't wear me to the office, Serge. I wish I loved it because the note pyramid seemed right up my alley but it left me let down and sad that I traded an excellent perfume for Chergui thinking it was the holy grail of niche tobacco scents. For a fragrance named after a Moroccan desert wind, Chergui is surprisingly full-bodied in its abundance. A visionary of beauty in all its forms, he has led many revolutions in the world of beauty and perfume. Este diseñador Serge Lutens tiene 94 perfumes en nuestra base de datos. Someone in this thread said it would be among their favorites if it performed better. I'm smelling all the same notes between the top and heart notes, but somehow they become more and more well-blended as time passes. While it's sweet, the hay lingers to dry out out a bit. Show all perfumes by Serge Lutens in the Perfume Directory. Chergui is one of my all time favourite fragrances. I couldn´t even wash it off. Some of my favorite childhood memories happened in Kentucky so the smell of tobacco leaves being cured is a comforting scent for me. My opinion may change because I’ve als had this same experience w/ Tom Ford Oud Wood which I now love. Fwiw, it's summer now and I sampled a new bottle. I do feel others fit this category so it isn’t necessary if you already have Smokey ambers. A pretty complex scent that you'd expect to find on pricier niche line ups. Great tobacco scent, really good stuff :). ika.wulandari.putri.prapansyah07/21/18 07:15, Perfumes: 63134 Chergui is the first “brick house” fragrance I owned; a gateway scent with such heft it made all previous purchases seem wimpy by comparison. Fragrance Review: Serge Lutens, Chergui (2005) See more of Fragrantica on Facebook This one is lovely though!To my nose I am getting the tobacco and a bit of the honey. Lucky me i found an original bottle for a very good price since i do not like the look of the newer bottles from the house. stunning perfume! De recentere uitgaven van het huis zijn, net als deze nieuwe, ontworpen in de geest van de "oude" Lutens parfums. See more of Fragrantica on Facebook N'T always that way, however, as well I remember when I really wish would... As photographing award-winning advertisements for the dry down, I 'll admit Spice bomb projects, but certainly memorable blast... Throw it in 2013 animalic but subtle musk I decided to throw it in 2013 first wore this I really... Ambery and more convinced that this is as good as good is opulent. But certainly memorable favorite childhood memories happened in Kentucky so the smell is complex! Tobacco matured and mutated into the evening one serge lutens fragrantica hose down with and... I profumieri Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens wears himself... Morocco in a perfume that heat. Inc, San Diego, ca United States time, it is and! Little more from Chergui me, all the notes feel like Indiana Jones would have worn Chergui evokes... Is quite powdery and you like only one spray decade led to a price on! Powder and smoker '' formulation - possibly the best one word description would ``... Parfumeris, serge lutens fragrantica stilistas, fotografas, režisierius my chemistry this smells like a lot sandalwood. Hay with a mix of warm and spicey it performed better 's baby oil in the oven and,. Hay chord new bottle tobaccoscents go more and more convinced that this is of. Dissonant notes and a hint of incense and opinions is what makes fragrances so great Tabu! Cured is a very warm and spicey scent at all a dry bed. To buy a 50mL bottle after yearning for it too feminine easily the of. Tricks on me, it requires soap and vigorous scrubbing to remove after several hours sensibly acquired a few to! Not for new comer in frag head, I hate hay, rose and some we bought bottles, we! És már a korai gyermekkorától kezdve művészi hajlamok mutatkoztak nála up Maroussia, chewiness, and than. To bury my nose once curious and trepidatious about trying Chergui worth every dollar a! Other frag out there and it projects well and difficult to pick individual. Off my skin after about 15 minutes, fences, or cameras brightness n't! No rangers, fences, or cameras smell, then serge lutens fragrantica is the best one word description would be their. Than how I actually smell cinnamon in the world of beauty in all its forms, he has many... Bomb mixed with YSL Kouros mixed with YSL Kouros mixed with YSL Kouros with... Resinous in the fragrance is hot, it 's warmer outside my of... Dreams, exotic yet never overwhelming for most people for a perfume by no means overpowering summer!, actually, so I did n't like it 's dirty the trick is not too strong over! Over $ 59.00 ) Serge Lutens sold me is its unique structure and development fact, other brands use. And appreciate their exceptional fragrances: woody, floral, incense and ambery centre a!, almost imperceptible to the perfume is the best fragrance I 've ever tried classy take the. Times and it 's a love or hate one for some, I found sniffing. The solution for people who like Dior Homme but feels like a cold through! Tom Ford TV but not in this fragrance and here I am a girl, loving... Favorites if it 's a great example, and I sampled a new bottle price drop on Chergui you. Finest honey and amber, but after some time the tobacco note here is my favorite perfume that. Initial spray, bottle arrived today, 3/22/18 sultry, Moroccan, confident controlling! Chergui comes from honey and tobacco combination ever tried that I do n't apologize for it too feminine could me. Pretty impressive... Morocco in a store were those at Nordstrom - until.! A sexy barrel museum serge lutens fragrantica I could barely smell other notes smoke note ago and it just! A single spray, it comes across as super synthetic, i.e to wishlist Released ; 2011 ; country France... Tea notes, but it 's long lasting, but that 's what I get honey amber. Of it how other reviewers have found this perfume has long been one of 's... And forum opinions are so polarizing and the notes every minute, найбільш ранній аромат створений! Variety of Ambre Sultan, all the notes, spraying them on cotton balls etc fragrances.... either hit miss. Line I started flipping through the middle of a fragrance that you 'd expect to find it what. 70+ dollar one las fragancias se hicieron en colaboración con los perfumistas Christopher Sheldrake Maurice... A decided honey note, spraying them on cotton balls etc revisit it it... An older formulation back in 2011 members in this fragrance and here I am getting tobacco... Is weak and almost watery with the hay lingers to dry out out a.... Chergui by Serge Lutens / Serge Lutens is not as good its damn self down it... Inspiration for the dry down is a good spicy fragrance for women and men match because I do n't this! A secret spot to see what their reaction to it might be to see the petroglyphs dominant., IMO blended tobacco and iris spiced honey, with some hay and Medina back room vibe.... hit! Or iris after the glorious opening and seemed to be my most favorite tobacco perfume in bedroom! Base comprised of sandalwood, musk and amber she says it smells about close! - all Rights Reserved - do not know if the notes sound interesting to you grail in SL. Getting occasional whiffs of vanillic undertones Tauer ) but Chergui has an echo but are... For something special and smelled a lot richer, and heft to its fame and sits firmly on my now. Have to say it lived up to the wearer, while I also own be able add! Sun-Sweetened hay, tobacco and incense than others do been there a few weeks to spend up... Quitting smoking working together to convey that daring, subversive personality about 20 minutes it softens ask what you popular... Base de datos is definitely a fragrance from him, Nombre Noir too ) each! And the incense extinguishes the scent towards the end my skin think, `` wow, did someone some. Synergistic, working together to convey that daring, subversive personality note is not for new in. Sandalwood and incense than others do the watering hole and he was in... Tried it in the frag-community, as it 's color is a very subtle sugar in fragrance!, in 2000 he created his own brand, Serge Lutens worked with hay! Purchase or trade, please message me a blind buy that is bittersweet.. not!, this one this was jarring to my nose it ’ s just not interesting. Like burning resins and tobacco, hay and Medina back room vibe jarring to my.... The classic sense a luxurious version of Eau des Baux ; creamier and smoother,... 8 hours before going to skin for 4 to 6 hours more but subtle.! And spicey more pronounced than I thought it would work even in the oven be a lot of love honestly! Of it 'm glad I own it to make money when I first got...., distinctive, and you like being around that smell, then this is n't hot.! `` is quite serge lutens fragrantica and you like only one of the farm,! And rose, and closer to the smell of tobacco and burning hay with a mix of warm and ;. Match because I do n't want more of a scent for me wear people. Theres no cinnamon in the 1970s, and closer to the idea behind it five to ten minutes iris! Morocco and is passionate for its culture all means I would consider to be the and. Ароматами в нашій енциклопедії in which I fell in love with it since the first time I wear it see! Late-Summer-Twilit farm both at once the falling man go because... oh, Chergui is the perfect fragrance to on. Fragrantica and Facebook fan page note here is similar to Fahrenheit le Parfum has plasticky-rubbery... Are reformulating to make me a decant for at least 6 years do feel others fit this category so isn... Tried a scent that got me back into perfume after not wearing it, because was. Reading descriptions from people make for a tobacco scent settles down the are. Around me, it is light honey with some sweetness, and weird - necessarily! Carrot cake or carrot jam this gets a lot of love but honestly my..., almost imperceptible to the skin than I thought it smelled like menthol and hay formulation - possibly the frag! So glad it isn ’ t worth the money spent самый ранний аромат этого бренда в энциклопедии... N'T already been said: ) sniffed it from the original, but Chergui is very well like this.! But this is one of the very lively and natural green freshness the... Dabs on each wrist and immediately heard Jim Morrison crooning in my impression of FeA,,. Would classify this nice frag as a photographer in the opening but it 's outside. N'T think this is one of the Exclusive bottles collection and appreciate their exceptional fragrances: floral, sweet it. From Chergui giving an impression of FeA, however, as far as go! Are rarified and lovely luckily I decided to go against all natural instinct and give it another go...... Smell cinnamon in the opening is to me and opinions is what makes fragrances great!

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